सुरुङमार्ग बन्छ, बन्नैपर्छ, कुनै न कुनै विकल्पमा बनाउँछौं      ‘काठमाडौं–हेटौंडा सुरुङमार्ग जसरी पनि बनाईन्छ, दायाँबायाँ हुँदैन’      सुरुङमार्ग बन्न नदिए हामी चुप लागेर बस्दैनौं        कार्यालय सरेको अत्यन्त जरुरी सूचना       हाम्रो मेगा प्रोजेक्टले नेपालको इतिहासमा ठूलो परिवर्तन ल्याउनेछ        NPBCL submits fresh financial closure report       सुरुङमार्गको पर्खाइमा राजधानी             

Financial Factsheet

Name of the Project   Kathmandu-Kulekhani-Hetauda Tunnel Highway (KKHT) Highway
Estimated Project Cost   Rs 34.876 Billion (excluding IDC)
Debt/Equity Ratio   80:20
Equity   Rs 7 Billion
Debt Financing   Rs 27.901 Billion (excluding IDC and cost of raising debt)
Promoter shares   60% of Equity
Initial Public Offering (IPO)   40% of Equity
Shares from Promoters/Bartering   Rs 4.815 Billion (60% of Equity Capital including preferred dividends)
IPO   Rs 2.79 Billion
Dividend Payout Year   7 Years after operation
Debt Repayment Period   17 Years (with moratorium period for first 2 years)
Interest on Debt   8.50%
Payback Period   9.69 years after operation
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)   16.69% approx.
Equity IRR   22.81%
NPV   Rs. 21.29 Billion
Simple payback period   12.94 years
Discounted payback period   18.04 years
Simple payback period with construction   9.44 years
Discounted payback period with construction   14.54 years
Depreciation   Over the life of the operation of the project
Discount Rate   WACC at Cost of Debt @ 8.5% and Equity @ 14.77%
Levy Custom Duty   1% on import of Machinery/Equipment needed for the project
Income Tax   12% (i.e. 40% rebate on existing 20% tax rate)
Inflation Rate on Local Currency   7% (Assumed)
Share Denominator   Rs. 100
Total Number of Initial Promoters   159

Banks and Account Number

Bank Account Number Swift
Code Number
Grand Bank Nepal Ltd. 01202147 CO DCBNNPKA NPR
Grand Bank Nepal Ltd. 01202147 COGB DCBNNPKA Pound Sterling
Himalayan Bank 01803885320014   NPR
Global IME Bank 3401010000001 GLBBNPKA NPR
Global IME Bank 3401020000001 GLBBNPKA US Dollars
Global IME Bank 3401030000001 GLBBNPKA Euro
Global IME Bank 3401040000001 GLBBNPKA Great British Pounds
Global IME Bank 3401050000001 GLBBNPKA Australian Dollar
Global IME Bank 3401090000001 GLBBNPKA Japanese Yen
Prabhu Finance Co. Ltd 01000529ID   NPR
NDEP Development Bank 1021001212   NPR
NMB Bank 00100001611F   NPR
NIDC Capital Markets Limited 10000238001   NPR
NIC Asia Bank Limited 54-41-309953-524-001   NPR
Nabil Bank Limited 05010-175-00833   NPR
Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited 25-01-524-335119-01-2   NPR

Income Projection

Income Projection

Cash Flow Projection

Cash Flow Projection
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