सुरुङमार्ग बन्छ, बन्नैपर्छ, कुनै न कुनै विकल्पमा बनाउँछौं      ‘काठमाडौं–हेटौंडा सुरुङमार्ग जसरी पनि बनाईन्छ, दायाँबायाँ हुँदैन’      सुरुङमार्ग बन्न नदिए हामी चुप लागेर बस्दैनौं        कार्यालय सरेको अत्यन्त जरुरी सूचना       हाम्रो मेगा प्रोजेक्टले नेपालको इतिहासमा ठूलो परिवर्तन ल्याउनेछ        NPBCL submits fresh financial closure report       सुरुङमार्गको पर्खाइमा राजधानी             

Nepal Purwardhar Bikash Company Limited (NPBCL)

NPBCL is Nepal’s first public limited company building a national toll highway of Asian Highway Standards.

As a public infrastructure-developer company, we aim at bringing together and managing investments, skills, expertise and resources of the Nepalese people from within and outside the country for the national development and wealth maximization. We offer unique opportunities not only of making secure investment in infrastructure development, but also of making important contribution to the achievement of the holistic goal of nation-building.

NPBCL has emerged as a public limited company with tremendous prospects as its prime objective to construct, operate and manage large-scale infrastructure projects that cater to the needs of the Nepalese people and country as a whole. The company has been formulated with active support and credentials of business group, contractor’s group, engineering and management experts and local groups. These major blocks are the four pillars of NPBCL. It is based on the modality of people, public and private partnership (4P), and the key success factor of any development initiative. Therefore, such a holistic and participative endeavour cannot afford to fail, so as to make your investment also secure and purposeful. We all are aware that much has been said and heard about nation building; now it is high time to act upon, and participate in this national endeavour.

NPBCL is in the process of building the Kathmandu-Kulekhani-Hetauda Tunnel Highway with the 4P initiative under Private Financing in Build and Operation of Infrastructures Act, 2006. The contract has been signed with the Government of Nepal in second week of May 2013. Thereafter, the permission was granted to construct and operate in third week of May 2013. With the construction of the KKHT highway, it takes just an hour, instead of 6-8 hours, to reach from capital city Kathmandu to Hetauda, the gateway to western, eastern and southern parts of Nepal. It opens up ample avenues for commercial and economic development.

Support from the government as the concessioner
Following are some of the Favorable terms and conditions of Concession Agreement - Signed by the Government on May 14, 2013
Licensed valid for 30 years
Option to extend license for 5 years
Option to change the toll rate on the request of the license owner
Raise toll on operation of the road under partial completion or completion of the road construction
Nepal Government will not charge any royalty from the project owner during the construction or operation of the KKTH project
Nepal Government will not issue license to any other projects that will impact the viability of the KKTH project, except for the Kathmandu Nijgadh Fast Track
Nepal Government shall not nationalize land, building, instruments and infrastructure associated with the KKTH project
Nepal Government will assist KKTH project in acquisition private land and building and will also make available government/public land to the project under rental or lease
Will allow the project owner to collect required debt and capital in foreign currency and according to FDITTA allow repatriation of interest, principle, dividends or share capital invested
Applicable tax rate – 12% (40% rebates on applicable tax rate of 20%)
No source of investment would be sought for investment made till Chaitra 2075 (April 2019)
Levy custom duty of only 1% on import of machinery/ equipments needed for the project


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